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Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society helps hawk beat by ravens

PROWLS: rescue of the week

HAWK HELPERS: Attacked by a pair of ravens that worked as a team, this red-tailed hawk received a bad beating. Ravens are predators and this hawk was their prey.

Ravens are both stronger and smarter. Possibly one raven acted as a decoy while the other came in to attack. Fortunately two people came along with their dog and drove off the ravens.

Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society (PROWLS) was called and soon the hawk was wrapped in a jacket for protection and transport to PROWLS for a quiet night. It was found to have considerable damage to its head from the beating it had been receiving. One eye was already badly swollen and a big bruise was quickly forming on the top of the head.

Initially unable to stand, by the next day it was still unsteady but sitting upright and taking food from tweezers when approached.

By the third day, it was stable and strong enough to be sent to OWL, the raptor specialists in Delta. Red-tailed hawks are large, sharp-taloned birds that are aggressive when defending nests or territories. They frequently chase off other hawks, eagles and great-horned owls, and have been seen hunting as a pair, guarding opposite sides of the same tree to catch squirrels and other prey.

This one, however, ignored the ravens warning about their territory and paid the price. PROWLS hopes it remembers the lesson when it comes back.

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