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B.C. cat in the running to become America's Favourite Pet

The winner will grace the cover of Catster Magazine.

A Vernon woman's cat could just be America's Favourite Pet.

Elaine Gross entered her long-haired Himalayan purebred, Reba, in the online contest and is currently ranked sixth in quarter-final voting.

Gross says Reba has a "sweet little personality" and loves to pose for the camera.

"When I take her to the groomers, they just love Reba. They have never met a cat that loves all the attention," says the feline's human companion.

Gross got Reba 11 years ago, as a six-week-old kitten.

But Reba hasn't always been a glamour kitty she's had her share of vet visits over a tooth disease.

"Throughout all of her health concerns and my anxiety, Reba has been a fighter, she always bounces back and shows so much resilience," says Gross.

She entered Reba into the contest (which is open to both U.S. and Canadian residents) in November.

The grand prize lands the winner on the cover of Catster Magazine and the owner $5,000.

Users can vote online for their favourite pet, and the semi-finals begin March 12.

"Everyone can cheer Reba on and have a moment of positivity during the drama of the pandemic," said Gross. "The competition is fierce, so I'm channeling Reba's fighting attitude to trying and get as many votes as possible."

Reba's bio says her favourite toy is a homemade catnip sock, and she loves Temptations cat treats.