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'I have NEVER seen so many eagles in the sky': Eagle-eyed photographer captures captivating convocation (VIDEO)

A chatty bunch, it sounds like

This may be the biggest convocation in the Lower Mainland this year.

That, for the record, is what a large flock of eagles is called. And Dr. Christian Sasse spotted a big one this weekend.

"In all the years of following eagles across North America I have NEVER seen so many eagles in the sky - a very windy clear day," he writes on his YouTube post.

The video shows dozens, if not more, of bald eagles soaring over a beach in Delta on Sunday, Feb. 7. They seem to be enjoying a stiff breeze coming off the saltchuck. 

Sasse, an avid wildlife photographer, would know, too, having spent years shooting video and photos of bald eagles all around the continent.

"I came home frozen," he writes. "Was all worth it, enjoy!"