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Retired Prince George city worker 'set for life' with $675K lotto win

Frank Martin fell out of his chair when learning of his big pay day
Frank Martin - Prince George Set for Life lottery winner Jan. 26, 2021
Prince George's Frank Martin fell out of his chair after discovering he won $675,000 playing Set for Life.

Frank Martin initially thought he had won $10,000 from a scratch ticket on Tuesday (Jan. 26).

A quick double-check actually earned the Prince George resident a lot more with a total of $675,000 from Set for Life.

In a BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC) news release this afternoon (Jan. 28), Martin says he literally fell out of his chair after realizing what just happened.

“I was at home and had just finished dinner,” he explained. 

“I remembered I had bought some tickets. I scratched the first one and won nothing. Then I was scratching this ticket and saw the cash symbols. I thought I had won $10,000 but then read the back of the ticket. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I didn’t think it could be real.”

Martin is a retired city worker in Prince George, according to today's statement, only saying ‘good-bye’ to the job just a few years ago.

He believes this life-changing event is going to make his retirement years far more golden.

“It is amazing, I am really surprised.”

Martin is planning to go on more fishing and hunting trips with his big winnings.

He adds he saved the ticket and showed it to his sister and brother-in-law after picking himself off the ground.