MyVet at your house

There's a new vet in town, her name is Dr. Sandra Madden and she's been seeing island animals in their own homes on Fridays for a month.

Originally from Gibsons, Dr. Madden has a business called myVet and is working out of the North Shore. She says myVet is finding Bowen a welcoming community.

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A vet since 1994, Madden says visiting animals in their home allows the patient to feel, literally, more at home, and less-stressed about their medical appointment; she, too, is relishing the experience of meeting new clients, and their families, in their own environment.

"I really enjoy the personal feel and the flexibility," she said during Bowen rounds last Friday. "It's wonderful being able to spend that time with my patients and doing it where they're most comfortable."

The Undercurrent went along to visit three new patients, cats Clio and Luna Wilson, 15 and 2 respectively, and youngster Perry Wilson, a bouncing bean of a dog not much past being a puppy. The three live with their humans, Anne, Chris, Max, Jack and James Wilson out Bowen Bay way. Each pet had needs, with Clio, older and recovering from a recent procedure, the primary focus of the visit. The animals seemed to enjoy the visit and, except when it came time for Clio's needle Dr. Madden said it's not so much the needle as the firm holding cats find bothersome a relaxed atmosphere prevailed.

Pet-loving Max Wilson was home and he and his mom, Anne, and Dr. Madden were able to talk at length about the patients behavioural habits and medical needs.

"I loved not having the hassle of finding the cat carrier and getting the pets in the car and it was far less stressful for them," Anne Wilson said later. "Getting all your pets checked out at the same time was wonderful, too. Madden and husband John lived and worked in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates for four years. During their time there, they established the region's first mobile small animal veterinary service for cats and dogs. MyVet treats all manner of animals and while in the UAE, Dr. Madden treated exotic animals like cheetahs and lions. MyVet has a website at with info on pricing and Dr. Madden's philosophy of pet care. She has access to Ambleside Vet Hospital and does any operations there or, if needed, recommends specialists.

Business on island for myVet, and elsewhere on the North Shore and the Sea-to-Sky corridor, is growing by word of mouth. "It's great coming over to Bowen," she said. "Being from Gibsons, it's nice to come back to a place that feels so much like home."

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