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7 trending pet products for cats and dogs

From litter that can tell you if there's something wrong with your cat to an agility set that will surely tucker your dog out.
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Spoil your cats and dogs with these trending indoor and outdoor items.

Agility kits, cat harnesses, travel pet beds and playpens for outdoor summer activities like camping, road trips, high jumps at the park and more.

To put together a list, we looked for safety products for the home: like a playpen that can help with animals who love to make a Zoom cameo at the most inopportune times, a harness for indoor cats that need to take an owner-supervised stroll through the neighbourhood and a subscription for kitty litter that can alert owners to health issues.

Petsfit Playpen

Pet playpen

Who it's ideal for: An owner who needs a contained space (indoor or outdoor) that is comfortable and breathable. Can also help with anxious or stressed animals who need their own space.

Why we're endorsing it: Dogs can be see through the mesh and be fed without opening the top, portable and easy to put together, waterproof and washable pads.

Where it could use improvements: This is made for smaller dogs.

Size/weight/dimensions: Large is 42” diameter.

Price (subject to change): From $108 on Amazon.

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter

Who it's ideal for: A subscription “smart” silica litter that changes colour based on urine’s acidity, alkalinity and blood (and also has a colour for typical range). These colour changes can help alert owners to UTIs, kidney stones and more. The absorbent composition also helps with managing odour.

Why we're endorsing it: It’s an interesting and very popular new product.

Where it could use improvements: Some users report that their felines wouldn’t take to the new system and there can be shipping delays.

Size/weight/dimensions: Depends on subscription model.

Price (subject to change): From $22/per cat at Pretty Litter.

PawHut Agility Kit

Agility PawHut

Who it's ideal for: Energetic dogs and owners who want to take training and playtime to the next level. It includes a tunnel, weave poles and a high-jump bar.

Why we're endorsing it: Includes lots of packable equipment and obstacle course options.

Where it could use improvements: This is for outdoor use.

Size/weight/dimensions: Tunnel is 58.25" long; there’s a carrying case as well.

Price (subject to change): $119.99 at Amazon.

Cat harness

Cat harness

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who wants to safely take an indoor cat for a stroll outside.

Why we're endorsing it: Safety, ingenuity.

Where it could use improvements: Some owners report that their cat can slip out, so be sure to test at home before heading outside.

Size/weight/dimensions: Size depends on weight capacity.

Price (subject to change): From $20.99 at Amazon.

Paws collapsible elevated dog bed

Elevated dog bed

Who it's ideal for: Dogs who attend park playdates, camping trips and spend a lot of time sunning themselves on the grass.

Why we're endorsing it: An elevated bed helps keep dogs up and off grass, dirt and mud.

Where it could use improvements: There are no rubber stoppers on the legs.

Size/weight/dimensions: Weight capacity is 25 lb.

Price (subject to change): From $20.99 at Amazon.



Who it's ideal for: For anxious animals who don’t like to leave the house, this bed doubles as a carrier and a cosy spot for them to chill out.

Why we're endorsing it: Dual usage, interesting design, detailed safety features.

Where it could use improvements: Amazon pricing varies and there are duty/import fees.

Size/weight/dimensions: Different sized beds depending on weight requirement.

Price (subject to change): From $240 and shipping/duties at Amazon.

Bond dog collar

Bond dog collar

Who it's ideal for: These Canadian-made collars are seamless, waterproof and durable. The Quebec-based company fabricates its collars from antimicrobial rubber, which doesn’t agitate the skin or fur and is odour resistant. It’s available in multiple bright colours and gets particularly high reviews for dogs who like to swim.

Why we're endorsing it: Canadian company, price, detailed user reviews.

Where it could use improvements: Some owners finds the rubber too stiff for dogs that pull.

Size/weight/dimensions: Multiple sizes.

Price (subject to change): From $20 at Amazon.