Hack puts cat ears on cop in homicide news conference

Officer was giving information about killings in northern B.C.

An RCMP constable giving a double homicide news conference wound up wearing cat ears and whiskers when persons unknown hacked the police force’s Facebook feed Friday.

Sgt. Janelle Shoihet was speaking to reporters at the force’s Surrey E Division headquarters with a live feed streaming via the social network when the hack occurred.

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Shoihet was reporting to media that the double homicide of Lucas Fowler of Australia and Chynna Deese of the United States – which occurred sometime between July 14 and 15 in northern B.C. ­– is in its early stages, and again pleaded to anyone with information to help their investigation. 

The audio on the feed was working poorly and close-up shots were blurred.

The feed soon ended.

Further details about a hack of the RCMP feed were not immediately available.


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