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'One fabulous weekend': B.C. friends win Super Bowl 50-50 raffle

The two Langley brothers and their friend from Abbotsford won the Super Bowl 50-50 raffle, worth US$250,000.

Three B.C. friends are coming home richer after attending Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas on Sunday. 

“It was one fabulous weekend,” said Scott Krafte, after winning the US$250,000 50-50 raffle.

“It’s definitely going to be hard to top this."

Scott, his brother Brian Krafte and Steve Butler headed to Las Vegas from Vancouver to catch the action. The Krafte brothers both live in Langley and Butler lives in Abbotsford. 

At the game, they decided to buy 50-50 tickets three times together. Each time they spent $200 and bought 400 tickets, totalling 1,200 tickets. 

“They said that the draw would be done somewhere before the end of the game or after the game,” said Scott. “We left because they didn’t [do the draw]."

Scott said they put the "flimsy pieces of paper" in their pockets and left the game, not thinking anything further about the tickets. 

Later on Sunday night, Brian called his brother pretending to be sick. 

"I sort of ignored him,” said Scott. "Then he phoned me again and I rushed over to the room and when I got there, they said that we won the 50-50."

Checking the ticket, he saw the number: 73683406044.

The amount won, according to the Las Vegas Raiders website, was US$250,912.50 during Super Bowl LVIII, where the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime.

On Tuesday, the three headed to the Raiders headquarters to collect the prize.

“They took all of our information and they’re going to send a cheque,” explained Scott. 

During an interview with Glacier Media from the airport, the reality of winning had yet to sink in. 

“I don’t think it’s sunk in for me,” said Scott, who is thinking of using the money to go on another holiday while Butler has some plans to invest the money.

The trio will divide the winnings equally: roughly US$58,000 each after being taxed 30 per cent.

“Just got more money to go back to Vegas with,” said Brian.