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Someone tried to resell a BC Parks campsite and got caught

People should only buy reservations from the official BC Parks website, staff warn.
Reselling a campsite reservation could result in a cancellation without a refund, says the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

A person was recently caught trying to resell their BC Parks camping reservation. 

The individual listed their reservation for Alice Lake Provincial Park campground site in Squamish on Facebook Marketplace for $40. 

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy tells Glacier Media that staff investigated and confirmed the reselling of an Alice Lake reservation.

"BC Parks places a high priority on maintaining fair and equitable access to reservations for all users,” says a spokesperson. 

Meanwhile, another posting was made trying to resell a reservation at Porteau Cove Park, also in Squamish. It's unknown if both listings were made by the same person.

"BC Parks cancelled the involved parties' upcoming reservations,” says the spokesperson. 

If an individual is reselling reservations, their booking will be cancelled without a refund. The ministry notes policies against reselling are explained in the reservation policies and terms.

“Only the named occupants on a BC Parks reservation will be permitted to occupy the campsite indicated on the reservation,” says the spokesperson.  

People are being advised not to purchase campsite reservations from any other source than the BC Parks website or authorized travel trade agents. 

Currently, BC Parks is reviewing its technology to ensure a similar situation doesn't happen again.

"BC Parks’ intention is to effectively take action against any unfair booking practices including the resale of campsites,” says the spokesperson, adding that all possible measures are being taken to ensure fairness and equal access to camping in provincial parks. 

If someone does not prove their identity when arriving at a campsite, the reservation may be cancelled without a refund. 

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