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Stolen condoms, lube ends in 'slippery' arrest of B.C. man

"The man was as slippery as the products that he stole," police said.
RCMP caught a man who allegedly stole condoms, lube and Band-Aids from a Trail, B.C. business.

Trail RCMP have given a man information on where to get free condoms after arresting him for condom theft.

Police received a call Feb. 1 about a man allegedly shoplifting condoms, lubricant, and Band-Aids from a business in the West Kootenay city.

“Unfortunately for the man, the employees knew his identity and reported it, and the theft, to the police,” the RCMP said.

Arriving at the scene, an officer quickly located the man who had condoms sticking out of his jacket pocket.

However, the 30-year-old suspect proved to be hard to catch.

He sprinted away from the scene despite having been identified.

Police were in fast pursuit, calling out the man’s name.

“He did not let that deter him as he led several officers on a wild foot pursuit around downtown Trail,” police said. “The man eventually ran out of room to run, was cornered, and arrested by police without further incident.”

Mounties added the pursuit lasted some time.

“It turns out the man was as slippery as the products that he stole," says Sgt. Mike Wicentowich. “We informed him afterward that local service providers hand out condoms for free.”