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'I didn’t tell my wife for a few days': Metro Vancouver man keeps massive lotto win a secret

The retired bus driver wanted to make sure it was correct.
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A Metro Vancouver, B.C., retired bus driver kept his BC/49 win from his wife until he verified that he won the $75,000 amount from the Feb. 2, 2022 draw.

A lucky Metro Vancouver retired bus driver kept his big win a secret from his wife because he thought it was too good to be true. 

Abbas Ebadypoor purchased a lottery ticket from the Superstore on King George Highway and validated it at the Guilford Mall. 

But he was gobsmacked after he scanned the winning ticket. 

“I scanned it and thought we only won $75 but then noticed there were more zeros — and it was actually $75,000,” he recalled.

“I didn’t tell my wife for a few days to make sure it was correct!”

Ebadypoor matched 5/6+ numbers from the Feb. 2 BC/49 draw winning $75,000. The winning numbers consist of he and his wife's birthdays and other meaningful dates. 

As a retired bus driver, the Surrey resident says this win will provide a sense of relaxation and calmness for the two of them.

“It’s great news for us and I’m very happy to not worry about my retirement. We are so excited and couldn’t even believe we won this money,” he added.