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All about publishing at Write on Bowen

To publish or not to publish? That is the question. And sooner or later, all writers ask it.

To publish or not to publish? That is the question. And sooner or later, all writers ask it.

Writers write first and foremost for themselves, but writers also write to be read by others so if you answered 'yes, I want to publish,' you won't want to miss the 4th annual Write on Bowen Festival running this year from July 8 to 10.

Susan Safyan, in-house editor at Arsenal Pulp Press, will offer a workshop called "Pitching your book to a publisher" on Saturday, July 9th. She reminds all writers who want to get published: "Expect and aim to learn a lot, to experience both success and disappointment."

Susan notes that editors look for submissions that are virtually publication ready. She advises writers to "get curious about publishing, to find out its complexities." The good news is that editors are always looking for writers who write well, who share an understanding that editing makes the book better, and who can show courtesy, consideration, and ideally a sense of humor during the publishing process. "Believe it or not," Susan says, "some writers see editors as adversaries they have to fight," although she readily admits that "most of the time it's a happy, productive process."

New York agent, Noah Lukeman cautions, "When setting out to get published, writers should prepare themselves for a marathon, not a sprint. Quite often, what makes the difference between authors who get published and those who don't is simply the number of years they are willing to hang in there. Perseverance is everything."

Another option for aspiring writers is self-publishingan increasingly viable option. At Write on Bowen, author and experienced workshop facilitator Julie Ferguson shares her wisdom about self-publishing in the electronic age in her workshop "Get Going with E-books, E-readers, and E-publishing."

Full festival passes and other ticket options are now available for purchase at The festival passes provide the best value. A Full Festival Pass costs just $199 if purchased before June 1 and includes Opening Night with Annabel Lyon and Timothy Taylor, the Saturday Dinner Event & Gala, four workshops, two lunch sessions, blue-pencil editing, and refreshments. Each workshop is limited to just 15 seats so register early.