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All Heart and No Bark: Restoring Bowen's RCMP Dog Carving

The Police Pup now officially has its own name

Bowen Island Community School would like to thank local RCMP officers, as well as the special dog-handling unit for coming to visit BICS on a sunny afternoon in April to share the story of the work of RCMP dogs, and to unveil the newly restored carving of an RCMP dog.

Students got to meet Kal, a six year-old German Shepherd who will soon retire after many years of service. Students learned how the special RCMP-trained dogs are able to find lost objects, and that every year, RCMP puppy dogs receive a name with the same letter, and that often students help to choose the names of the puppies!

So, as a fun fact: all the RCMP dogs with K names, such as Kal, are all six years old!

Local artist Winadzi, Simon Daniel James, and his daughter Mizuki helped to restore the old chainsaw-carving of an RCMP German Shepherd which had begun to rot after many years of being out in the rainy weather, sitting faithfully at the side of the RCMP officer carving that sits outside of the RCMP detachment on Miller Road.

The carvings have been beloved public artworks of Bowen Island, and are visible from the street. The RCMP officer carving had already been restored, but the carving of the dog needed help! After the restoration of the dog carving, BICS students were invited to name the carving of the RCMP dog. 

Every class participated in the ‘Name the Carving’ project, and then BICS Student Council members held a final vote on the top 11 suggestions. The name suggestions were all great, but the name that received the most votes was Kal, to honour and remember the dog that all the students got to meet and see in action!

The carving of the RCMP dog will soon get a plaque and be returned to the RCMP office, for all to enjoy. 

Thank you to the RCMP officers, the local artist-carvers and everyone who helped to make this special day happen, and, of course, a special thank you to all the working RCMP dogs, which the carving, now named Kal, recognizes and celebrates!