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B.I. Garden Club presentation explores water collection and conservation in gardens, Nov. 15

Garden Club presentation explores water collection and conservation of water use in our gardens

Bowen Island Garden Club continues its  “Home Grown” Zoom series with the "Water in your Garden" presentation Nov. 15 at 7 p.m.

Last month we explored “Bugs in our Garden” with Will Husby, this month we are exploring water collection and conservation of water use in our gardens.

In the dry summer drought do you ever think about all the rain that falls on Bowen most of the year? Have you ever considered water collection and water conservation?

Doug Elliott hosts our exploration and Cathy Robertson films water collection and storage by six Bowen gardeners. These gardners collect and store rainwater or well water in the winter months to supply water to their garden in the summer. We also visit the Grafton Agricultural Commons, which uses regenerative agriculture to minimize watering.

Garden Club members Virginia Penny, Peggy Blackwood, David and Aubin van Berckel, David and Ainslie Manson, Doug Elliott, and the Vyner family showcase their methods of collecting rain water and distribution of water in their gardens: Peggy Blackwood lives in Evergreen, where the municipality required the developer to build incorporating rainwater collection for gardens, drinking and a sprinkling system.

Aubin and David on Cates Hill have created a garden water storage system because their well runs dry in summer.

Doug shows us smaller scale watering collection with barrels and reusing water. 

David M. has a long-established system of water collection and distribution as they garden by the sea in Hood Point.

Phil Gregory of the Commons shows us the plentiful harvest obtained by developing the soil using a layering technique. These beds did not need watering in our drought!

The Vyner family, perched high on a cliff in Queen Charlotte Heights have just begun their garden this year, and have installed a watering system.

After the 20-minute video there will be a brief Q and A with the owners. All of this from the comfort of your own home via the magic of ZOOM! Open to members of the Garden Club. Membership info at

See you on Zoom Monday Nov. 15 at 7 p.m.