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BICS Sciencepalooza and Gravity-Defying Eggs!

BICS kids put their scientific theories to the test

There was a hypothesis that it was time to hold a science fair at Bowen Island Community School this year, and the experiment was a huge success!

A month of scientific thinking was kicked off by the Sciencepalooza school assemblies with demonstrations of the physics of force and motion with guest presenters Jes and Harvest Slater, followed by demonstrations on how to set up a successful experiment with some liquid nitrogen demonstrations by Dr. Travis and Kathryn Beals.

Science World presenters also came to the gym with educational and inspirational scientific demonstrations. On March 12 the Science Fair featured displays by the more than 40 students who created displays about their science experiments, which ranged from potato batteries to volcanoes to looking at YouTube fakes.

Guest Judges looked at all of the displays, and we would like to thank all the volunteers, who were a mix of special guests from the community which included Grandfriends, the Undercurrent’s editor, and parent volunteers.

Thank you to Guest Judges Alex Kurial, Susan Nelson, Jes Slater, Steve Elves, Janina Elliott, and Phil Adkins.  

A huge thank you to our VIP volunteer: Tim Hausch and his big red van with the cherry picker lift bucket that carried all 40 Egg Drop Challenge entries high into the sky before gravity brought them dramatically down to earth again!

The 40 eggs were all encased in edible and/or recyclable materials with dimensions of the egg capsule fitting into a large zip-style bag. Nineteen eggs survived the dramatic and “splat-eriffic” fall to earth, and were then judged by weight, with the lightest three winning. Sailor’s 2.6 oz. egg-saving contraption came in first place, with AJ’s 2.8 oz. in second and Finn F.’s 2.9 oz egg capsule in third place.

An honourable mention goes to the entry that had an egg laid by the family’s pet chicken that survived the drop encased in the safety of a home-made loaf of bread! 

A big thank you to all the parent and community volunteers, to BICS staff, and everyone who helped to make the month-long learning experience such a success, and congratulations  to all the science fair participants!