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Bowen food groups joining forces

BAA will join BIFS to continue food resilience work on the island
BAA and soon to be BIFS members Lisa Holland and David Griffiths at the Bowen Island Farmers Market.

This fall the Bowen Agricultural Alliance (BAA) will begin the process of dissolving, and the two remaining board members, David Griffiths and Lisa Holland are joining in collaboration under the umbrella of Bowen Island Food Resilience Society (BIFS) to strengthen their work on the island.

For the past 12 years, led by Sarah Haxby, BAA has been widely known as the group who created the Bowen Island Farmers Market where local farmers, gardeners and artisans connect with the community to support food resiliency and promote information about how to grow food on Bowen Island.

BIFS is an organization that is home to backyard and market gardeners, climate visionaries, and community-minded Islanders/volunteers who are working together to create a resilient food system. Our current initiatives include Grafton Commons community garden, educational programs coordinated with Island Pacific School, Island Discovery Learning Centre, and Bowen Island Community School, along with other community institutions such as the Bowen Island Public Library talks, and Undercurrent articles.

We use science-based regenerative methods, rooted in Indigenous knowledge and stewardship. We value living systems both in nature and in society - from restoring biodiversity in the soil to building community while working together.

The Bowen Island Farmers Market is a perfect adjunct to BIFS’ initiatives. The market is open every weekend (mid-May to mid-October) from 10 am to 12 pm at Bowen Island Community School (BICS).

BIFS welcomes David and Lisa with open arms!

To volunteer with BIFS please email: [email protected]

And you can visit our website at