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Bowen's Ukraine benefit concert raises over $17,000

Photo gallery and thank you letter from the organizers

Just over two weeks ago, I got a call from Ellen MacIntosh. She said “Hey Lorraine. What is happening in Ukraine is devastating. Should we pull together a fundraiser?”

And so we did. Yes was the word of the day. Everyone we asked to participate said “Yes.” The musicians, the volunteers, and the artists and donors to the Silent Auction. We had 51 items in the Silent Auction. Most of the donors contacted us - we did not need to contact them. Offers were made of artwork, clothing, flowers, a guitar, hand knit baby blankets, skin and beauty products, and much, much more.

So thank you to Bowen Island. Over 100 people came out on Saturday night and the Spirit in the air was one of gratitude, some sorrow, a collective sigh that we could all be together and a deep longing for peace. As of Tuesday evening, we raised just over $17,000.

Thank you to all who participated. Thank you Kathy Clarke and her angels for pulling together the auction. Thank you Julie Saxton, Martin Beckett, Phil Adkins, Alfred and Laura Rahn, Dyan and Ted Spear, Earl Jenkins and Peter McLean for setting up the stage and the space. Thank you David Cameron for your humour and tenderness as our MC. Thank you Tracey Lee Hearst, Leanne Romak, Hobey Walker, Damian and Rosemarie Leverton for pulling together the goodies and for managing the door. Thank you Anita Schuler for creating over 100 packets of sunflower seeds to be planted and tended to over the coming years. Thank you Tanya Voormej de Zwart for creating the beautiful poster and helping to spread the word. Thank you Keona Hammond for being our constant mic sanitizer. Thank you Cates Hill Chapel and Island Pacific School for granting us your space. Thank you Andrew Stone and BIMA for making everyone sound good.

To all of the performers: you brought your heart to every song. Thank you. To all of the auction donors - your generosity was noted and commented on by so many. Thank you.

And finally, thank you to Bowen Island. Thank you to those who filled the room with love and hope and to those of you who sent donations knowing you could not be at the event. Our hearts remain with the people of Ukraine. We wait for peace in this complex world. We are very proud and honoured to be part of this beautiful community with such a large, open and generous heart.