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Formula for a life: HEROISMS

Islander Peter Boronkay wrote a book about his life philosophy and chipping away at his 100 life visions
Peter Boronkay headshot
Peter Boronkay recently released his new book HEROISMS: 8 Pillars to a Life of Passion, Beauty and Creativity

Writing a book was goal 82 of Peter Boronkay’s 100 life visions––a goal he achieved last month in publishing HEROISMS: 8 Pillars to a Life of Passion, Beauty and Creativity

In the memoir-manual, the islander of more than 25 years lays out his approach to life through HEROISMS, an acronym he’s trademarked, and invites readers to apply his formula to their own existences. 

Boronkay breaks his “grand life plan” into eight categories: health, education, relations, occupation, interests, society, money and spirituality (HEROISMS) and explains each category in a chapter of the book. 

“If we look at these eight categories, there’s nothing you could say that will not fit into one of these categories,” Boronkay told the Undercurrent. “I came up with the acronym HEROISMS, which was an appropriate acronym because we strive to be brave in tackling our life aspirations.”

As an avid journal-writer, the associate portfolio manager recounts his accomplishments to date in astounding detail and describes his approach to everything from wealth management to heart health to volunteering for the Olympics. 

“I was trying to be very honest, and open, which I thought would make it a better read,” he said.

To write the book, Boronkay reviewed every year of his life and wrote what meaningful things happened in that year. “Then I had a spreadsheet of everything that happened in my life  chronologically, so that that helped me identify what stories I’d want to expand upon.”

Sprinkled throughout the text are life insights from Boronkay’s journal: “persistence more than any other quality is needed to achieve success in whatever you pursue,” reads one. Indeed, persistence is key throughout Boronkay’s text as he talks his way into schools, envisions a home on a lake, contemplates career paths and strides toward achieving his 100 life visions.

HEROISMS: 8 Pillars to a Life of PassionBeauty and Creativity is available at Phoenix and the Hearth Gallery as well as online.