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Go Figure! Pair of Bowen painters display works

Diane Buchanan and Bill Hoopes explore the human figure in joint exhibit

Until September 4, the Hearth is showcases the art of two long-term Bowen residents and painters: Diane Buchanan and Bill Hoopes.

Diane and Bill have been painting for over 40 years, both interested in portraying human figures in relationship with their environment. Today, their common interest for creating narratives with and around figures brings together their work for a joint show.

Diane Buchanan is a figurative painter and colourist. Inspired by imagery, mystery, and storytelling, she paints alternate realities using vivid colors and illustrating the co-existence of humanity with the world around us. On large canvases, she depicts the metamorphosis of the female body as it transitions from the natural world to the supernatural realm. Her art is somehow autobiographical, informed by her experience with beauty, nature, Buddhism, quantum physics, and her belief in magic. Diane approaches painting from a color, shape, and movement point of view while intertwining the figure with nature.

“I am interested in the passage of life through the liminal space that exists between the world of nature and the supernatural. The paintings paint themselves as I work with the colors and shapes. The most important thing for me in my art is trying new things. If I don’t do it now, it’s game over”, she says.

Bill Hoopes, inspired by the painters of the Renaissance and the work of the Surrealists, uses the figure metaphorically to reveal humanity’s contribution to current social, political, and environmental issues. Through his moody palette and allegorical scenes, he depicts global events that reflect on the limits and precariousness of the human condition, and highlights the delicate balance that exists between us and the Earth.

“I’ve come to realize over my many years of painting just how slowly we learn from our mistakes”, he says.

Diane Buchanan and Bill Hoopes both use figurative painting to translate their respective experiences of the world. Go Figure features their creation and offers a place for self-reflection and wonder.

Go Figure, a painting exhibit by Diane Buchanan and Bill Hoopes, runs to September 4. The Artist pARTy is Saturday, August 19 from 6 to 8 pm with bar service, snacks, and DJ Yeshe.