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Hearth on the Wild Side: Still Life in Motion Returns!

The live art show takes place tomorrow, and will be on display until April 17
Still Life in Motion 1 took place on October 1, 2022 at the Hearth Gallery.

After a successful first edition last Fall, the Live Art and participatory event, Still Life in Motion, will be back at the Hearth on Tuesday, April 4 from 5 to 9 pm.

Bowen-based artists will once again work live for four hours, creating artworks around a still life installed in the center of the gallery. Once again, visitors will be able to watch the artists at work and step into the installation in different ways.

While the first edition was about home, this second one will be about plants! The Hearth is this time very excited to partner with the Bowen Island Flower Shop, thanks to whom a green and floral installation will be built alongside garden objects and matter from the forest.

We are all related to plants. Metabolized and transformed, plants traverse and constitute us, through the food we ingest, the air we breathe, our remedies, and our goods, as well as through our thinking, from the human and social sciences to artistic creation. In addition to their undeniable aesthetic and therapeutic potential, plants have woven the history of art, they also form the fertile ground for contemporary alternative movements that seek renewal through the earth, well-being through plants, and communion around the art of planting.

So here is a time to create, reflect, and meditate from, and on, the plant kingdom during an artsy and fun evening! If you’d like to introduce your favorite plant to the crowd, bring it in with you for the night! If you have a floral or green attire, put it on! During the Live Art event, visitors will be invited to stand in a plethora of plants, sit in the middle of this ephemeral garden installation, strike a pose, put a costume on, tell a story, read a poem, sing a song, or simply be.

At the end of this effervescent evening, the artworks made on site will be showcased and put for sale in the gallery around the remaining still life during a two-week group exhibit, from April 5 to 17. A couple of art stations will be installed for visitors to get creative and explore different art mediums as well.

All the plants from the Bowen Island Flower Shop displayed in the installation will also be for sale at the Hearth during the Live Art Event and the whole time of the show. A unique opportunity to enjoy some art while shopping for some beautiful plants!

The Hearth is inviting all the Bowen community to take part in this collective and participatory art experience, and to encourage and watch the artists at work!

Still Life in Motion 2 - Hearth on the Wild Side - A Live Art Event with snacks & bar service on Tuesday, April 4 from 5 to 9 pm at the Hearth (Attire: Green & Floral!), followed by a group exhibition from April 5 to 17.