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Here are the Bowen Island parks, trails and beaches you didn't know were waiting for you

Are you looking to expand your horizons? There are so many hidden gems on Bowen

You are a Bowen Islander when...well for one thing you have hiked around Killarney lake at least a thousand times. As an avid walker and hiker on Bowen for almost 20 years, I qualify.  And did I think I knew all the options? Well, yes, until recently when I saw a map on the Bowen Island Municipality (BIM) website : Are you looking to expand your horizons? There are so many hidden gems on Bowen if you are looking for a new park or trail to explore. In addition to the trail system in Metro Vancouver’s Crippen Park and large swaths of Crown land (Mount Gardner, Mount Collins and Radar Hill) we have over a dozen publicly accessible municipal parks. We also have many beaches, coastal accesses, and viewpoints.

Would you like to find a nice flat piece of grass to practise some soccer moves with your kids, throw a ball, or have picnic? Try Aaron Sluggett field – part of the wonderful network of trails at Evergreen in Bowen Bay. You can also connect to the Mount Gardner trails from here. Or have you visited any of the neighbourhood parks on Bowen or beautiful trails through Cape Roger Curtis, not just the well-known shoreline trail? 

Don’t forget the exercise stations at Quarry Park, and the disc golf course at the end of Athletic Park Road. There’s the bike park beside BICS, not to mention the tennis court. There’s also a beautiful walking trail around the golf course.

So, there’s a few ideas if you want to feel like you’re somewhere new. Get out there and enjoy playing with your kids, exploring with a friend or just to feed your soul. Checking out somewhere outside of your zone is also a great way to meet some new friends from other parts of the Island. Have fun enjoying Bowen’s wonderful trails, parks, greenways and beaches!