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Here are the RCMP statistics for August, 2021

Kids are back at school (and teachers deserve thanks)
Bowen Island RCMP detachment. (Photo: file)

The Bowen Island RCMP responded to 60 calls for service in August of 2021:

  • 7 of those files were related to traffic complaints or enforcement;
  • 4 of those files were impaired driving check stops;
  • 1 of those files was a request to check a persons’ well-being;
  • 3 of those files were accidental 911 calls;
  • 2 of those files were minor vehicle collisions;
  • 2 of those files were reports of missing hikers. 

As the kids return to school this week, please re-familiarize yourself with the school and playground zones on the island.

 Slow to 30km/h in these zones and be aware that children may be in the area.

Do not pass the school buses when they have their lights flashing and their stop signs activated, even if they’re stationary. 

Be cautious around young pedestrians and cyclists, as they may not be as aware of vehicles as adults are. 

And if you have the chance, thank a teacher! They are brave people – I can’t imaging spending all day in a room with kindergarteners.