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Introducing the Covideo online film festival

Bowen Islander Michael Nankin will share a short film a day, a 'cinematic amuse-bouche', in these days of social distancing and self-isolating.

As folks in Canada practice ever more stringent social distancing and self-isolation, Bowen Islander Michael Nankin (a producer, director and writer who moved up from Los Angeles) started a sort of online film festival called "Covideo."

Every day Nankin will post on Facebook (and share with the Undercurrent) a short or clip "with the intent to make our isolation a bit more bearable."

"I'm trying to keep them bright and positive––a little cinematic 'amuse bouche,'" wrote Nankin in an email. 

The Nankin and his wife Liz currently in self-isolation until March 28 having recently returned from Los Angeles. Nankin says they're both feeling fine. 

See Covideo's first two films below. 

Sunday, March 15: The Man Who Planted Trees

"This beautiful animated short by Fredereck Back reduces me to tears every time," writes Nankin.

Monday, March 16

"In 1966 CBS hired cartoonist R. O. Blechman to create this holiday advertisement. The product? Kindness," writes Nankin.