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Introducing the new face behind CAWES

The animal wellness society had some reckoning to do after co-founder Iris Carr died in 2018. It's now hired its first executive director
Kim Sinclair holding a dog
Kim Sinclair became CAWES’ executive director earlier this year.

For those of you who have not already heard, Coast Animal Welfare & Education Society (CAWES) is getting a makeover.

After Iris Carr, the co-founder and superhero of CAWES, passed in 2018, it became very obvious to the board that the group needed a dedicated and experienced, hands-on multi-talented organizer. 

The board decided to create the position of executive director, better known as “chief cook and bottle washer” and persuaded Kim Sinclair to join our motley crew.

We are so delighted that Kim has agreed to join us as she comes to us with a plethora of experience in both the non-profit world and animal welfare. Otherwise known as “the chihuahua lady,” Kim’s overall love of animals, large and small, along with her business acumen, makes her the ideal person to take on this role. If you see her out in the community, say hi, introduce yourself and let it be known that you support our CAWES.  

Kim has big shoes to fill and a lot of catching up to do as the board has been regrouping and rethinking CAWES’ future since Iris passed. But Kim is embracing the role with much enthusiasm and gusto as she does with everything to which she commits herself.  

CAWES has a new office in Artisan Square which has been donated to the CAWES and you will find Kim hanging out there most days as she works on creating an innovative fundraising programme and addresses animal related issues. Outside of 596B Artisan Lane (back of the dark blue building on the square level) Kim has placed a cute collection box for donations of cat food and the always needed cans of tuna. Tuna you say? Yes tuna, used to entice feral or lost cats into traps to be relocated, receive medical attention or be reunited with their families. 

Having an office has been so amazing as CAWES now has a clear place in the community and somewhere for you to go for information or assistance, to drop off items or just have a quick check in with any animal welfare related  issues you may have.    

As a non-profit organization, we are always in need of something. Here is our wish list of what we need help with right now: dedicated volunteers, tuna, cat food of all kinds, dedicated volunteers (yes, we said that already), cat beds, items to auction on the new Facebook site, dedicated volunteers (did we say that already?), graphic design help, new website and donations of new items and services to use in our raffles.

Speaking of raffles, CAWES has a fantastic raffle underway. Talented artist Stuart Slind has donated a painting to raffle. And get this, it’s not just a specific painting, but it is just about any painting currently hanging in his studio. It is winner’s choice. Tickets are only $10 and can be bought from Kim in the CAWES office, or in person and from any of the board members, or at Cates Pharmacy, or at Copper Spirit Distillery in the Cove. If you would like to help with sales of tickets please contact Kim at and she will get some to you. Copper Spirit Distillery is partnering with CAWES and will display a selection of Stuart’s paintings while tickets are being sold. 

And last but by no means least. Kim is setting up a monthly donation program where community members and friends can donate any amount they like on a monthly basis to assist with some of our capital costs. As an example, we have recently purchased much needed surveillance equipment to keep track of some of our older wandering kitties so we can get them any help they might need on a timely basis. Regular monthly donations will also help us with other similar high cost items if and when needed. And let’s not forget the ever present veterinary expenses for the abandoned and stray animals who cross our path, as well as the feral kitties. We all know how quickly they can get out of hand, especially if some health issues are not dealt with quickly and efficiently.  

Stay tuned for more information about that as it unfolds.