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Kelly Konno Year End Performance - A Peek Behind the Curtain

Reflections and a backstage look at the final show of Season 6

I spent the last weekend of May helping out backstage at the Kelly Konno Studio Year End Performance. Backstage was buzzing with dancers excited to show off numbers they have been practicing since September.

There was a nervous energy backstage as the dancers prepared to show off their best moves. An entire community of volunteers running around from room to room helping dancers get to their places on time and get into costume. The Bowen Adult Dance (BAD Team) at the helm of the volunteers.

Kelly Konno made time in between being on stage to connect with all the dancers giving high fives, big smiles and hugs to dancers before they ran on stage.

There were three shows. One Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon. The last performance of the day was a particularly emotional one. Three of eight dancers in the Advanced Training Program at Kelly Konno’s are leaving because they are graduating and are leaving for university.

Wylie Stiver, Sydney Florin, and Taya Moyls have been dancing at Kelly Konno’s Studio for six years. The ATP team trains five to six hours a week and competed in two dance competitions this year. Having three girls of the eight dancers leaving the ATP team leaves a hole in the dance studio. Many of the dancers cried as they danced their last dance together to Evermore, a song by Taylor Swift. 

It was emotional for everyone watching as it was a clear mark of the passing of time. A reminder how quickly life changes and how many goodbyes we say as we grow up and grow old.

Saying goodbye to dear friends whom we danced and competed with for years. Goodbye to our mentors whom we’ve looked up to and who have been our leaders. Goodbye to our children as they get ready to leave our homes and go to university. 

It was a beautiful and touching show. We are all so proud of the performers and grateful for the people who worked behind the scenes to help this show happen like our Community School Coordinator, Sarah Haxby.

A big thank you to Thomas Newman and Kelly Konno for bringing this incredible studio to our community. Our hearts are full.