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Low Hanging Fruit Project seeking partners

Bowen Food Resilience Society reminds people not to let their fallen fruits go to waste
Frankie and Shaw
Shah and Frankie enjoying strawberries.

Are you interested in building community food resilience and connection? One way is to become involved in the Low Hanging Fruit Project.

As you may know, many property owners on Bowen have fruit and nut trees that do not get harvested due to either a lack of time, equipment or sometimes over-abundance.

Low Hanging Fruit brings volunteers together to pick the fruit (using an orchard ladder and picking basket) so that trees that would otherwise go unpicked can be enjoyed and used on the island.

The fruit is distributed equally between volunteers, property owners (donors) and the community. Community use may be the food bank, community dinners, school fruit and vegetable programs and perhaps as feed for farm animals.

So we are looking for two types of partners: 1) Property Owners (donors) who have property with fruit or nut trees and would be willing to share a portion of their harvest; and 2) Pickers who are interested in volunteering to pick and pack fruit with other community members and are interested in taking a portion home with them.

Low Hanging Fruit aims to deepen a sense of abundance, to reduce food waste, to improve local food resilience and to build community around the picking and sharing of these fruit.

If interested please contact Hasan Hutchinson at: lhfruit22@

Low Hanging Fruit is a Bowen Island Food Resilience Society (BIFS) project supported by Bowen Island Community Foundation and Regenerative Bowen Island. For more information see

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