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Meet the adorable additions to a Bowen Island flock

Some highlights of lambing season at Home Farm Gardens
Rosie holding a lamb with a lamb beside her in a barn
Rosie Montgomery of Home Farm Garden holding one of the triplets.

The world may be in turmoil but life keeps going on a farm.

Home Farm Gardens on Bowen has had added some extremely cute arrivals to its flock.

Thirteen new lambs had arrived as of last Friday.

Rosie Montgomery of Home Farm Gardens says that there are two sets of triplets and two sets of twins and three singles.

The ewe Beauty birthed the first lamb of the season, Jamie, at 14 lb.  



Lambing has begun @ Home Farm - the Beauty had this beautiful little Ram Lamb this afternoon - Both Mum and babe doing well -

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The biggest lamb so far has been Goliath at 15 lb. and his brother David weighed in at 11 lb.

Two lambs in a barn
Goliath (on the right) is the biggest lamb yet this season for Home Farm Gardens. He weighed in at 15 lb. His brother David (on the left) weighed in at 11 lb. - Courtesy of Rosie Montgomery

“It’s all gone well,” says Montgomery.

Below: Beauty and Jamie



The Beauty and her lamb Jamie

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Below: Rosie and a ram lamb born March 26



Below: one of the lambs of Gracey O'Malley


Born last night - she weighs in @ 9 lbs - her twin brother- 10 lbs - Beautiful healthy lambs of Gracey O’Malley

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