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Meet your Bowen Island neighbours: Margaret Gray

Our weekly series continues
Margaret Gray
For meet your nieghbours

When did you come to Bowen?

It would have been a couple of days after July 10, 1991, which is when I was born. So I am one of those born and raised kids.

That answers my next question – how did you come to be on Bowen?

My parents lived here. And so I did as well.

Have you always lived here? Or did you leave and come back?

I lived here until I was about 22 or so. And then spent the last eight or nine years in the city, Vancouver, and just came back, mostly due to COVID in February. So I’ve been back here for the last six months or so. 

How’s that?

Amazing. I was just at Tunstall reading my book. And then I come back here and on the way back. I see two or three friends who waved to me from their cars. It’s really wonderful to be back and kind of shocking that it took me this long to get here.

Where on Bowen do you live?


Fill the ferry lineup gap or don’t fill the gap?

One hundred per cent, fill the gap. And if you don’t, why?

What’s your favourite Bowen fact or story?

That I have been involved with at least five first-place blue ribbons with the Union Steamship Marina’s Bowfest float. I think the broader favourite thing about Bowen is Bowfest in the sense of community and the history and nostalgia behind so many of our favourite events in the summertime and particularly the nonsense and fun of the Bowfest parade. It’s those kinds of things that I’m missing the most with COVID-19, of just being able to come together as a community and wear stupid costumes and dress up with your friends, coworkers or whoever. I’m looking forward to the future with more Bowfest and hopefully more first-place blue ribbons. We will see.

What’s something Bowen Islanders have in common?

I think just that they care for each other, which is really rare and very beautiful.

What’s your favourite COVID-19 balm or activity?

Hiking every morning with my dog, who is now not allowed of-leash since she discovered deer when we moved here.