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Meet your Bowen Island Neighbours: Melissa Harrison

Our weekly Q&A series with Bowen Islanders
Melissa with her two kids
Melissa Harrison with her kids Jonah and Ezra.

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When did you come to Bowen Island?

We came around Christmas 2009, when my youngest was just a baby, less than one year old. It snowed the day we moved, which didn’t seem too welcoming. But my neighbour across the street, Rod Marsh, saw me arrive with a car full of boxes and children and helped me carry all inside. He and Titania are still good friends today.


How did you come to be on Bowen Island?

We were looking for somewhere lovely to live and I had visited for a day trip once, walked around the lake, so we had the idea of looking here and it worked out. 


Where on Bowen do you live?

We live in Deep Bay, the best neighbourhood on Bowen. 


Fill the ferry lineup gap or don’t fill the gap?

If the line up isn’t full then it makes sense to fill the gaps. 


What’s your favourite Bowen fact? 

Bowen was once covered in over a kilometer of the glacial ice that carved our fjord, Howe Sound, and barely the tops of the mountains would have been visible.


What do Bowen Islanders have in common?

Our sense of community and connection. 


What’s your favourite COVID-19 balm or activity?

Running and gardening are the two activities I have more time for, but I’m teaching a natural history class at IDLC and the kids bring me so much joy. Those kids are my balm.

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