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Meet your Bowen Island Neighbours: Soorya Ray Resels and Jack Resels

Our weekly series continues
 Soorya Ray Resels and Jack Resels

When did you arrive on Bowen Island?

We arrived March 2015 and stayed at an apartment in Village Square until July 2015, when our townhouse at Belterra Cohousing became available for occupancy.

How did you come to be on Bowen?

Soorya: Our first visit to Bowen was June 2011, for my birthday. We walked around Killarney Lake and had a meal at the Tuscany. Jack and I fell in love with Bowen’s charm. 

Jack: A couple of years later, Vancouver friends told us about a new cohousing community on the island that was forming. We had already checked out several others. Living in a community where you know your neighbours was something we dreamed about. July 2013 we visited Belterra, became members, and by August we put down our deposit.

Where on Bowen do you live?

Belterra Road in the Carter neighbourhood, with its wonderful views of the North Shore mountains. Beautiful in all weathers.

Where’s your favourite place on Bowen Island?

Soorya: I can’t say really. I’m in love with the natural surroundings, the views, the village, the places we have explored and still have yet to explore. I love walking the flatter trails.

Jack: I have two favourite places on Bowen. I love walking in the forest, especially in Crippen Park between Miller Road and Lake Killarney. I also love going out on a two-person kayak with my friend Hasan, kayaking between Snug Cove and Cates Bay.

What’s your favourite Bowen story?

Soorya: This is a story I wished I had told when it happened three years ago.  Now is my chance. Haha. People here are truly unique. One day Jack and I were rushing to catch the ferry. We had stopped at the Bakery to have some coffee. When we got to the car, nearer the beginning of the lineup, I realized I’d left my purse back at the bakery. Jules was marshalling the ferry line up — she did this so very well. She saw my alarm and asked me what had happened. Immediately, Jules took me in her truck to the Bakery to collect my purse and then drove me back to our car — just in the nick of time.  She is one of the many heroes, good-hearted people, on Bowen Island. She made my day.

Jack: For me it’s the time I was sitting on a bench on Cape Roger Curtis, looking out west towards the Pasley Islands, when suddenly I noticed wave after wave of movement. I looked really closely. There must have been hundreds of them —  in the ocean — Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. Wow! What a thrill!!

What’s something Bowen Islanders have in common?

Soorya: A keen sense of enjoying daily life on a smaller more intimate scale. And an appreciation for the larger community and for protecting the environment.

Jack: All of us travel to and from the island by ferry and, as far as I can tell, most people enjoy this relaxing ride.

What’s been keeping you going during the pandemic?  

Soorya: At the beginning of Covid an idea took birth to offer a daily meditation online. The thought just popped up. I’ve been a meditator for almost 50 years. Through word of mouth, a small community of people have gathered with me at 8 a.m. for half an hour. This has been like a rudder for me. It is the connection to others and the spirit of consistent practice of something I have valued for a lifetime that has kept me going with a sense of purpose.  

Jack: Being in the forest and walking on the Bowen Trails, such as the Killarney Lake Loop Trail, the Dorman Point Look-out Trail and the Cape Roger Curtis Trail. Regularly walking these trails and breathing in the fresh invigorating air has really kept me going during the pandemic.