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Meet your Bowen Island neighbours: Suzanne Allan

This week’s neighbour in our Q&A series: Suzanne Allan
Suzanne Allan standing in front of blossoms
Suzanne and Ross Allan celebrated their 31st Bowenversary on April Fool's Day.

This week’s neighbour in our Q&A series: Suzanne Allan

When did you come to Bowen?

We moved to Bowen on April Fool’s Day, 1990 and just celebrated our 31st Bowenversairy with Liz and Ian Watson, our friends who moved here the very same day!

How did you come to be on Bowen?

We came to look at Bowen at the suggestion of our old friend Maryann Smith. We had told her we were looking for something bigger than our condo in Kits for our expanding family and she invited us over to have a look. Her husband Mallory, a realtor at the time, showed us around and we just fell in love with the island. We kept stopping young families to ask them what it was like to live here. At the time there were only about 10 houses for sale any given week and we found one in Miller’s Landing, where we lived happily for seven years.

Where do you live on Bowen?

We moved to our current house on Cates Hill 24 years ago. At the time, with a busy young family, we loved the quiet. We now love the neighbourhood that has grown up around us.

Fill the ferry line up gap or don’t fill the gap?

I’m a gap filler if the line-up is below the intersection.

What’s your favourite Bowen fact?

My favourite Bowen fact is that my in-laws met on Bowen in the early 50’s. Ross’s father John Allan was a deck hand on the Union Steamship’s Lady Alexandra and his mom Mary Messenger, worked in the old hotel. She always talked about how they had “good clean fun” back then but would never provide details. Hmmmmm. They also brought their kids here when they were young, so it has always been a special place for the Allan family.

What do Bowen Islanders have in common? 

I think what we have in common is our desire to live more independently than we might in the city, while at the same time, many of us have a desire for closer community. We have the luxury of space, which in this COVID year has been an incredible blessing, and I think because we have space, we are more able to connect with our community. We also value greatly being in nature and protecting it.

What’s your favourite COVID-19 balm or activity?

My favourite COVID-19 balm has been walking, in all weather with a friend or with Ross on one of our many gorgeous forest and shoreline trails. Zoom church has “exceeded expectations” and golf is pretty balmy too! We have such a great golf course and community! Oh, and my garden! I am so grateful for these balms and more. We can’t imagine living anywhere else, in fact, our girls (Danielle, Emily and Lissy)  have told us that we are never allowed to sell our house!

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