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Neighbourhood Small Grants application deadline is November 30

Bowen Island Community Foundation looking for fresh ideas
The Neighbourhood Basketball Hoop was a successful 2021 Neighbourhood Small Grants project.

We lead busy lives. We work hard and sometimes commute long distances. We have families to care for and errands to run. Who has time to connect with neighbours? The benefits to connecting with one’s community are significant; when neighbours know and trust each other, people are healthier and happier, our children do better in school and in their development, and community members support and look out for one another.

Your Bowen Island Community Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) program is based on a simple but powerful idea—that everyone is a valuable member of the community and that we all have something to share. NSG empowers community members to put their ideas into action by providing grants up to $500 for projects that make neighbourhoods better places to live.

Some examples of our NSGs from this past year: a Chess Club by teen Turo Callewaert, a Community Garden Party by Elaine Cameron, and the Captains Way Colour 3 by Anne Boa.

In addition, the following projects are still ongoing: the Belterra Pollinator Garden, Bluewater Basketball, and the King Edward Bay Plant Restoration Project by Virginia Penny. Other recent or ongoing projects include the Low Hanging Fruit initiative by Hasan Hutchinson and Meribeth Dean, and the Way to Go! Poetry, Music and Conversation on the End of Life by Pauline Le Bel.

See these and others at

A neighbourhood is so much more than a geographically localized area though. It is the place we call home, where our children play, and where we have the most invested financially and emotionally.

Building community increases our health and happiness, reduces social isolation, and builds networks of care for people who could use our help.

Do you have a great idea that will connect and engage neighbours? How about a neighbourhood block party? Or a beach clean-up gathering? Share skills & knowledge? Art or music lessons? Share sustainable gardening tips? Storytelling sessions? Highlight & celebrate diversity? Connect to Indigenous culture/ communities? Host an ethnic cooking night to prepare and share? Increase sense of belonging to one’s community? A neighbourhood walking tour? Showcase local history?

The deadline for applications is Nov. 30. Learn more and apply now at:

Have any questions? Contact Lisa at [email protected], or 778-835-6802.