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To Re-examine One’s Life Through Abstract Expressionism

Hearth exhibit explores Vancouver artist's journey with abstract expressionism

Corina Hanson is a Vancouver-based painter and mixed media artist. From May 3 to 15, she is, for the first time, presenting her new series of abstract paintings at the Hearth.

This solo show presents enthusiastic, vivacious, and intuitive artworks. Corina’s artistic journey began in fashion. She worked as a professional designer for 15 years, led community public art projects, and taught. She has been exploring a diverse range of art practices including site specific installations, socially engaged art, painting, glass mosaic, and mixed media techniques.

For the past three years, Corina has been re-examining her path as an artist. Her love for abstract expressionism and her interest in self-reflection through the process of art-making, has drawn her towards a raw, energetic, and tumultuous type of expression. Abstract expressionism combines dramatic color with vigorous and spontaneous painting techniques to portray emotions and feelings.

With this series, she has pushed through boundaries, re-examined her truth, and affirmed the need to live each moment, however fleeting, of beauty and light.

“I paint in the moment with a playful sense of freedom. This allows me to work without expectations, boundaries, or preconceptions. To paint with my heart is the most fulfilling thing I can ask for and that’s when the magic happens,” she says.

Her work implies a lot of layering and texture that reveals themselves the closer you get to the art. The gestural abstraction of line creates an arena in which beauty and harmony negotiate with chaos. Her art is an invitation to meditate on our lives and to re-examine what’s important in times when we cannot find proper answers or solutions.

To RE-examine is on at the Hearth from May 3 to May 15. Artist pARTy is on May 6 from 6 to 8 pm with bar service, snacks, and DJ Yeshe.