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Eclectic Et Cetera - Creations from Remnants & Ruins

Art exhibit features works from pair of Bowen artists
Kathleen Ainscough & Stacy Beamer feature in the Eclectic Et Cetera art show at the Hearth Gallery in July.

Local artists Stacy Beamer and Kathleen Ainscough are exhibiting mixed media and sculpting at the Hearth Gallery in Snug Cove, from July 3 to July 22.

Kathleen Ainscough is stepping out of her comfort zone using bolder pieces and colours compared to the gentle, quiet neutral pieces that she usually does. As an introvert, Kathleen uses her art as a form of expression and as a channel for hope and positivity.

She intends that her pieces work as a form of nonverbal communication stimulating conversations. Kathleen has an art school background, and is experienced in many mediums, such as textiles, woodwork and clay.

Kathleen chose to work as a mixed media artist creating layered and textured pieces to generate movement. She grew up with art around her watching her grandmother who was a part of the West Van sketch club.

Spending time in her studio gave her joy from a young age. She draws inspiration from the natural coastal environment - rocks, docks and rusty things.

Stacy Beamer takes inspiration from eclectic bits and bobs he finds around the Island and Vancouver. Originally with a construction and metal working background, he didn’t realize that he had an artistic bone in his body until he moved to Bowen Island.

He found joy in utilizing his skills in a creative way, by giving objects a new purpose and second life. He is known for his bold whimsical sculptures scattered around the island.

He works with mixed media using scrap metal, wood, glass, stone, and mud, mostly recycling materials created by nature. His art is a mixture of decorative, practical and functional, letting the piece naturally interact with the environment around it.

He really enjoys being able to have creative freedom on whatever he is working on, never fully sure how the final product will look until it is finished.

The Artist pARTy with Kathleen and Stacy is Saturday, July 6 at 6 pm at the Hearth.