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Exhibit explores the art of protest

Marc Baur, Georgine Farah and Janet Esseiva featured in Vanishing, a new exhibit that opens August 19 at The Gallery @ Artisan Square
From left to right: Detail from the works of Marc Baur, Georgina Farah and Janet Esseiva.

Howe Sound is at a crossroads  it is facing unprecedented pressure from re-industrialization, development and climate change. Three local artists have come together in an attempt to create an artistic dialogue on the pressure mounting in the Salish Sea and BC in general. “Vanishing” is an upcoming art exhibition showcasing the works of Marc Baur, Janet Esseiva and Georgina Farah.

“We hope to use our work and love of the west coast landscape to promote discussion in our community, on the future of Howe Sound. We want people to consider their relationship to the landscape in the context of climate change and loss of biodiversity.”

Marc Baur is a contemporary Canadian Chigiri-e artist, who creates his abstract impressionist images with exotic paper instead of paint.

Janet Esseiva paints in acrylics, pushing the boundaries of how this medium can be used to reflect her love of the West Coast landscape.

Georgina Farah paints in oils and explores the notion that we are intimately linked to the landscape, and that ultimately, we return to it. For her, she feels that we belong to the land and it’s an illusion to think we are separate. “It has never occurred to me that the land belongs to us and we can do what we want with it. We belong to it and we have look after it.”

Art has always been a reflection of the decisions we make as a society. This exhibition aims to motivate the audience to reflect on their own relationship to the land and water and to contemplate the decisions we are making as a community. 

The exhibition runs August 19 to September 21. Meet the artists: Friday August 21 from 7 - 9pm at the Gallery in Artisan Square.