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"Home Shall Be Here" brings audiences on an immersive musical journey

Eily Aurora and Evan Freeman want to "help people connect to the home of their body, their community and the planet"
Eily Aurora and Evan Freeman
Cousins Eily Aurora and Evan Freeman will perform at the Well at 7 p.m. May 7.

While cousins Eily Aurora and Evan Freeman are on tour, they want to bring their audiences on a journey.

The cousins are touring “Home Shall Be Here” in Western Canada and will be on Bowen next week. They describe the concert as an immersive musical journey.

“We're creating music and meditation events, to support and help people connect to the home of their body, their community and the planet,” she said.

Aurora is a Celtic and Chinese harpist and singer and Freeman is a percussionist, guitar and piano player. They’ll be playing at the Well in Artisan Square May 7 at 7 p.m.

“We're honouring the fact that we're in a time of a lot of change and mental health is a huge, a huge issue on the planet.”

Both based out of Calgary, “Home Shall Be Here” is in part born of processing the suicides of two of their close musical collaborators.

“Our most heartfelt response to that loss is to bring people together through our music in a way that supports them in connecting to their body, their community and planet as resources to support whatever they're going through in their lives,” said Aurora.

“[The event is about] being a part of a shared experience and leaving inspired and connected,” she said. “So we invite people to participate in the concerts, through singing, through bringing their voices in, as well as there's a song at the very end where we invite people to stand and tap into a communal rhythm.”

Aurora describes herself as a transformational facilitator.

“I find it very tragic when people come together in large, larger settings, where they come and experience something, and then they just go home and there's no support in connecting with anyone, or meeting new people.

“So this is this is that opportunity to really say, ‘Let's gather together to experience a beautiful evening of music,’” said Aurora.

“And people are often really inspired afterwards and feel alive with energy,” she said. “It's really exciting to be doing this work.”

Aurora invites islanders to bring pillows and yoga mats for the first part of the concert.

Tickets are $35 and available online at

Mental health resources will be available at the event.