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Just in time for Mother's Day: Bowen's Catching Stars goddesses

A local gallery is celebrating women as creators for Mother's Day
The goddesses
Five of Catching Stars' Mother's Day week goddesses: Emilie Kaplun, Chelsea Mainwaring, Melane R. Hansen, Marie Neys and Cindy May.

With Mother’s Day less than a week away, one local business is looking to honour all women, not just traditional mothers.

“There are some people who aren't mothers, there are some people who no longer have mothers,” said Marie Neys, co-owner of Catching Stars Gallery in the Cove.

“Women, especially, are a very creative, nurturing group of people and we thought it'd be fun to play up the inner goddess,” she said. “We're all creators of something, be it a child, or a piece of artwork or a poem.”

So the Gallery is featuring seven artists this week, one each day, each a "creator" or "goddess." 

They’re starting with Chelsea Mainwaring, creator of dragons. Walk into Catching Stars this week and you’ll meet a three-and-a-half-foot latex and clay dragon. Those tuned into the latest pop-culture phenomenons may get Game of Thrones vibes, and for good reason. Mainwaring is also a jewellery designer who has not only worked on props for The Hobbit and Game of Thrones, but who has been an extra on several seasons of the HBO blockbuster.

Day two, Catching Stars will feature Neys herself, creator of beaches through her paintings, and one might also call her a creator of the gallery.

Neys is followed by potter Julianna Zwierciadłowska and fabric artist Lorna Moffat.

Day five is Emilie Kaplun, the other owner of Catching Stars. She creates tiaras, which Neys points out, plays off the goddess theme.

Day six’s Melane R. Hansen creates Love and Light candles (eco soy-based) and on Mother’s Day Catching Stars will feature its newest artist, photographer Cindy May.