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New show at Cove Commons celebrates the art of conservation

The show opens July 11
Guthrie and Di
Guthrie Gloag and Di pose with their respective art pieces. Guthrie is famous for his driftwood mastadon (location unknown). Their show opens July 11.

 This weekend is your last chance to see the glamorous garbage bag weaves, the camouflage slug costume, and other delightful creations from Bowen artists at the Wearable Art Show. 

Starting next week at the Gallery@Cove Commons there will be a show co-featuring Guthrie Gloag, creator of the mastodon.


Suddenly stopping in your tracks at the sight of a grizzly bear down trail; cutting the engine and drifting in the ocean waves as orcas glide through the water: moments like these inspire the art of Guthrie Gloag and Di. 

In their first joint show, “The Art of Conservation,” these two emerging artists showcase their love for British Columbia’s wilderness, both through the subjects of their art and by donating a portion of their proceeds to conservation organizations.

The unique artistic perspective Di brings to her work allows the viewer to see the world through her eyes. Her stylized landscape and wildlife paintings resonate with a beautiful stillness that will draw you in. Di hopes that through her art you will reflect on the awesomeness of nature and be compelled to help protect it.

Gloag’s life-sized sculptures of coastal animals are inspired by encounters he’s had working in the field of biology and in his explorations of the mountains and coastlines of B.C. He hopes that viewers experience an echo of what he felt seeing these animals. You may have stumbled upon his larger work – the elusive mastodon, an animal he had to create to be able to see it in the wild.

Both Di and Gloag feel an urgency about the issues threatening our environment and the animals that call it home. In this show, they take their art beyond reflecting beauty and inspiring awareness; they’ve decided to donate a portion of their proceeds to Pacific Wild and Raincoast Conservation Foundation, which work to protect the wildlife and landscapes they portray.

Di and Gloag chose Bowen for their first show together as they both call this beautiful island home and want to share their art with a community they love. 

Join Di and Gloag at “The Art of Conservation” reception Saturday, July 14 from 6-8 p.m. 

The show runs at The Gallery@Cove Commons from July 11 to August 13. Check out for more information.