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The Phoenix lives on with a new owner

The Phoenix will live on with a new owner at the helm.

The Phoenix will live on with a new owner at the helm.

Angela Powell owner of Phoenix on Bowen toy and book store, an established Bowen business for 13 years, has decided to sell her business and will be officially handing over the reins to Bonnie Wright at the end of this month.

Wright plans to eventually expand the toy lines while maintaining the special ordering of books for customers. "If there are specific items people are looking for I'm open to suggestions and can order things in when ever possible," Wright says.

Working hard to hand pick unique and well crafted toys is what this speciality store does best, "what people may not realize about the Phoenix is many of the companies we deal with don't sell to mass markets," explains Wright. As well, Phoenix does not mark up its merchandise, "normal recommended retail pricing is what we charge for toys and books, we don't increase prices because we sell on Bowen," says Powell.

Powell will continue to work and support Wright throughout the transition.

"I'll still be working here for a very long time," laughs Powell.

On Aug. 31, a party to celebrate 13 years will be held at the store from 1 to 3 p.m. with cake and games for everyone.