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Winning a get-away to Bowen

Judith Sung is one of two lucky winners of a draw.

Judith Sung is one of two lucky winners of a draw. The prizes entitle them to stay one night at Evergreen Hall or Twiggleberries, play a round of golf at the Bowen Island Golf Course, have a breakfast at the Snug Cafe and a dinner at the Bowen Island Pub. Sung put her name forward at the Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce booth at the Vancouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show at the beginning of March.

Of Bowen's representation at the show, Sung said, "I loved it! My friend and I both got a kick out of the period costumes, and the ladies were friendly and funny. It definitely made a lasting impression."

Sung says she has never been to Bowen Island, adding, "I know a couple of people who commute to work from Bowen Island. I didn't realize it was a short ferry ride to/from Bowen Island - that commute is shorter than my commute from Richmond to downtown."

Of her plans on Bowen, Sung said, "I'm looking forward to checking out the town, do some hiking and/or kayaking, and sampling local entertainment in addition to the round of golf - gotta go practise at the driving range."

Theresa Anderson of the Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce said that the promotion was created to help promote Bowen Island as a travel destination, and to provide exposure of Bowen Island Properties, a development company Anderson works with as a real estate agent. "We had over 200 entries for the contest and I think that this, in addition to the costumed volunteers and the great energy at the booth, made the event a great promotional success for the island," she added.