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Bowen Island RCMP Stats - December 2023

A reminder to alert police of suspected crimes, rather than social media
The Bowen Island RCMP Detachment on Miller Road.

Bowen Island responded to 57 calls for service in the month of December:

Abandoned 911

We responded to four 911 calls that turned out to be a non-emergency.

Domestic Disputes

Police investigated a domestic dispute. The parties were separated for the night. No criminal charges were laid.


1 fraud investigation.

Check Wellbeing

- 4 well-being checks. In 3 instances the people were found to be okay. In 1 instance the person was found in distress and was assisted by paramedics.

- 1 OnStar vehicle activation. Driver located, was safe, and confirmed false alarm.

Missing Person

3 missing person investigations. All three of the missing were found safe.

Animal Calls

- Report of an off-leash dog growling at pedestrians.

- Report of an off-leash dog that bit someone at Killarney Lake.

- Report of an off-leash dog that was struck by a car.

Property Lost and Found

2 reports of lost property (driver’s licence, car keys).

1 report of a found driver’s licence; returned to owner (not the same one as above).

1 report of found ammunition in public; destroyed.


1 report of a vehicle speeding.

1 expired insurance.

1 expired driver’s licence.

Unwanted Guest at a Residence

Police attended and escorted a guest out of a residence who was refusing to leave.


A report of theft from on the BC Ferry.


Mischief to BC Ferries public washrooms.

Mental Health

2 people reported to be in a mental health crisis. Both located and provided with support.

Suspicious Activity

- Report of a suspicious male knocking on a house door at 10 pm. The male needed first aid for a cut to hand. Paramedics treated the injury.

- Report of a suspicious vehicle related to a Break and Enter that was posted on Facebook. The vehicle and the driver were located and deemed not to be associated to any criminal activity. The Facebook post was later deemed a false allegation. The RCMP learned about it from a Facebook user that attended the police station to inquire about the post. If you suspect that a crime is in progress, please call police directly.

- Report of a fire on Passage Island.

Firearms Act

- Turned in firearm and ammo for destruction.

- Turned in firearms for temporary safekeeping.

Criminal Record Checks

No criminal record applications were processed over the holiday season.

Liquor and Cannabis Licensing

7 liquor licences issued.