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Bowen Island RCMP Stats - February 2024

Tips on protecting yourself against popular cell phone scams
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Bowen Island responded to 49 calls for service in the month of February:

Abandoned 911

4 Abandoned 911 calls; ranging from pocket dials and children playing with the phone.

Domestic Disputes

Police investigated a domestic dispute.

Missing Person

2 missing person investigation. The people were found safe.

Cause a Disturbance

1 report of causing a disturbance. Provided guidance on better life choices. Alcohol was a factor.


1 report of harassment.

Property Lost and Found

4 reports of found personal items. Owners were identified and items were returned to them.

1 Found car key. Unable to identify owner.

1 lost licence plate. Location unknown.

1 lost document. Location unknown.


2 reports of erratic drivers. Both drivers located and given a warning.

1 report of a collision with injuries.


3 reports of stolen items. Suspect was identified, arrested and charged.

Suspicious person

1 person wandering, looking for shelter. Assisted and provided support strategy.

1 person trespassing at night. Identified and spoken to.


3 fraud reports.

Mental Health

6 people reported to be in a mental health crisis. All located and provided with support.

Assist Court

Assist BC Sheriff Services with an arrest warrant.

Assist with service of protection order.

Criminal Records

Processed 3 applications for criminal record checks.

Liquor and Cannabis Licensing

6 liquor licences issued.

Falling victim to Emergency Scams over the phone or by text

Emergency frauds take advantage of your emotions to rob you of your money. The caller will pretend to know you and go on to say that they are in trouble: car accident, getting locked up in jail, trouble returning home from a foreign country or that they damaged their phone and they need money immediately.

They will also swear you to secrecy, saying that they are embarrassed and don’t want other people to find out what happened. Variations of this ploy features the scammer pretending to be a lawyer or police detective speaking on behalf of your loved one, a neighbour or a family friend in trouble.

Tips to protect yourself:

- Take time to verify the story;

- Do not give in to the pressure to act quickly; If they are asking for your money, they can wait until you verify their identity;

- scammers are counting on you wanting to quickly help your loved one in an emergency;

- ask the person on the phone questions that only your loved one would be able to answer and verify their identity before taking steps to help;

- call the child, their parents or friends to find out their whereabouts;

- never give out personal information to the caller;

- never send money to anyone you do not know or trust.

Whether you’ve been scammed or targeted by a fraudster, you should always report it. By reporting the scam, authorities may be able to warn other people and alert the media to minimize the chances of the scam spreading further. You should always warn your friends and family of any scams you come across.

Bowen Island RCMP: 604-947-0516

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center: 1-888- 495-8501