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'Tis the time to speak up: Island Survey 2021

It's time to fill out the 2021 Island Survey
Leaving Bowen Island at sunset on Queen of Capilano
A couple of people chat on the Bowen Island ferry, the Queen of Capilano, in summer 2020

What's "so Bowen?" For one thing, endless surveys. But this is a big one. 

Bowen's answer to the Canadian census – the Island Survey – is back. The biennial questionnaire collects local data to help with Bowen Island Municipality's decision-making, strategic planning and more. 

This year's survey, an estimated 20-minute task, covers municipal services, transportation, emergency preparedness, housing, the pandemic and the local economy, according to BIM. 

The last such survey, circulated in 2019, found that 94 per cent of respondents rated the overall quality of life on Bowen as "good" or "excellent."

The percentage of respondents who owned their home in the 2018 survey was 79 per cent, which rose to 84 per cent in the 2019 survey. 

There's plenty of other neat information in the 2019 survey.