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Trying to solve a 20-year-old mystery in Delta

Local resident hoping someone will claim lost ring
Lost ring
Amanda Rennie found this ring 20 years ago on a trail in Tsawwassen's Diefenbaker Park. She is hoping to find its owner and has turned to social media and the Optimist for help.

It is a 20-year-old mystery that a Delta woman is determined to solve.

Over the weekend, Amanda Rennie posted in the Tsawwassen LOOP (NEW) Facebook group a photo and a few details about a ring that she found on a local trail 20 years ago.

At the time of the discovery, she contacted the police and took out an ad in the paper seeking the owner, but to this day, there have been no takers.

“I can still remember the day quite clearly even though it was about 20 years ago and I would have only been around 8 to 10 years old,” Rennie told the Optimist. “It was a sunny day and I was running around the trails at Diefenbaker Park with one of my friends and caught a glimpse of something shiny in the dirt. When I stopped to look at it, I discovered the ring! “Since it was so long ago, my family and I can’t remember the exact ways that we tried to track down the owner. We have a vague recollection of making an ad and possibly contacting the police, which is something I’m going to do again to see if there has been any file created for it.”
She said on Sunday she was back visiting at her parents’ house in Tsawwassen and was going through one of her old jewellery boxes when she rediscovered the ring.

“Right away, I wanted to try to find the owner again and this is when I created the Facebook post,” she said. “Just this past summer, I got married. Seeing the ring today [Sunday] made me really think about how special it must have been to someone back then and how much somebody out there must be missing it. It would be so great if we could find the owner after all of this time.”

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