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Opening Day at Snug Cove Field

Bowen's baseball field is all spruced up and ready to go for 2024

Despite the chilly breeze that swept across the field, Youth Baseball Opening Day on Bowen was filled with excitement as two 5U, two 7U, one 9U, one 11U and one 13U team eagerly took to the ball field.

They kicked off the day with lively base races, setting the tone for a day of fun and friendly competition. It was a joy to see the youngsters sprinting down the baseline with new uniforms and smiles on their faces, fueled by the thrill of the game.

Before the event started, the parent community and many youth players rallied together for a massive clean-up effort, ensuring the ballpark was in top shape. The ball field and surrounding area took a beating this winter, with a lot of broken branches and trees.

On top of the tree debris to organize, the field is often used as a dog park and while most owners are respectful of the field, dog sticks, holes and other “leavings” create dangerous hazards for the players. Volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure that the ballpark was safe for the season ahead.  

Under the guidance of dedicated coaches, players enjoyed a variety of baseball-themed activities set up by Dr. Nic Lendvoy, including throwing accuracy games, hitting drills, and an obstacle course. Even the youngest players, including the 5U team, were engrossed in the activities, reluctant to leave the field.

The 13U team led the activities and did an outstanding job giving back to the next generation of baseball players. Special thanks to Amanda Towne, Scott Stevenson, and Colin Turnbull for dedicating their time and effort to ensure that the BBQ was a roaring success, adding the perfect finishing touch to a spectacular opening day event. 

Opening Day served as a reminder of the joy and camaraderie that baseball brings even to the littlest ball players on the Island. As the day came to a close, there was a feeling of optimism and anticipation for the season ahead. And as they look ahead to the challenges and triumphs that await them on the field, one thing is certain – the spirit of baseball is alive and thriving on Bowen Island.

Let’s play ball!