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Paterson Cup honours golf's 'epitome of professionalism'

Team Black wins Bowen Island Golf Club tournament in honour of the late Herb Paterson
paterson cup
Team Black won the Bowen Island Golf Club's Paterson Cup on September 26.

Two things were absent from this year’s Paterson Cup matches at the Bowen Island Golf Club on September 26 and 27. The first and foremost being Herb Paterson, the man whose named is etched into the coveted Paterson Cup. Unfortunately for us, Herb Paterson passed away earlier in the year. 

For those of you who did not know Herb, he was the first sales rep for Titleist, Footjoy and Bagboy in North America, among many other countries. He was the epitome of professionalism within the golf industry and was an icon to all young golf professionals. He made a lasting impression on all the members and management of our golf club. 

Each year Herb would grace us with his presence at the first tee to shake every competitor’s hand and wish them the best of luck. He would be there at the end to congratulate the winning team, with dinner and drinks. Gin and tonic, no doubt. Herb will be greatly missed by all golfers who ever get the chance to play in the great event. 

Fortunately for those who played this year, we did get an appearance from Emilie Paterson (Herb’s lovely wife) to carry on the great tradition. 

The second absence was the torrential downpour that we usually see for the annual event which involves 32 golfers divided between two teams competing over two days in various styles of match play. Each year we play towards the middle of October amidst rain and wind; this year we bumped up the event and got absolutely perfect weather.

This year’s tournament was won by Team Black. Team Black, led by Captain Peter Clarke, and co-captains Dave Bellringer and Derek Puri, came from behind on the last day to beat Team Blue. 

Many thanks go out to the Peter Clarke and Bill Keller for organizing a great event, and a special thanks to all the staff at the Bowen Island Golf Club for the great course, the announcing and the food and drinks.

Thanks again, Herb.