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Tomorrow is the inaugural SwimBowen race - here are some things you might need to know

The race starts at 3 p.m.
SwimBowen registrant Catherine Shaw is the top fundraiser so far for 2018!

Who knew this event would capture Bowen’s heart with such passion and cardiovascular vigour? Fifty swimmers, 25-plus volunteers, 22 corporate sponsors and 280 donations totalling $25,000 – these amazing numbers will launch the inaugural SwimBowen event Saturday July 21, 3 p.m. at Tunstall Bay.  

Novice, experienced, curious, and elite swimmers from Bowen and beyond make up the roster on Saturday. Swimmers start in three waves, one minute apart and will complete an out-and-back, timed (thank you Elliot Rushton!), 1,000-metre triangular route. A 500-metre route is available for the relay teams and an option for those signed up for 1,000 metres but decide this distance may exceed their comfort level.  


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions: 

Is this a race? Only if you want it to be. It’s your event!  

Can I wear fins?  Sure! We recommend fins not exceed four inches in length from toes.  If you wish to place in the top three fastest swimmers, no fins.  

Do I have to wear a wet suit? Only if you want to. The water has warmed up beautifully, so wet suits are definitely optional. If you have been training in your wet suit and enjoy the comfort and buoyancy, wear it.  

Do I have to wear the SwimBowen cap?  Yes, so we can see you. It’s a safety thing. 

Is the route well marshalled? Very. We’ve got four powerboats, six paddleboards and two kayaks ensure swimmers stay on course and are safe.

Is the course well marked? Yes.  Four large sighting buoys mark the course effectively.  

What do I do if I experience trouble during my swim?  Flip onto your back and wave. A marshal will come to your aid.  

Do SwimBowen registrants have access to Tunstall Bay Beach Club washrooms?  Yes.


Popular questions about the SwimBowen Fund include:

Who is eligible for the funds?  Bowen Island residents in active cancer treatment to support their selfcare.  All cancers, all genders are eligible for the support beginning October 15.  

Are donations tax deductible?  No.  SwimBowen is a not-for-profit society without charitable status.  Online donations will close July 27. However good old-fashioned cheques and cash always accepted.

Post-swim festivities include a beach barbecue (we love you, Frank Patt!), with awards and draw prizes beginning at 4:15 p.m. 

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