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U-13 Boys wrap up BIFC season

It was a high stakes showdown between the kids and parents to cap off the latest season

It started with a two 20-minute half match-up (U-13 Boys players vs. parents) at Bowen Island Community School (shout-out to Bowen Island Community Recreation for turf/field arrangements to work around the Easter egg hunt).

The parents - Team Tiger Balm - came up trumps with a questionable call that left the kids facing a penalty shot. With sore muscles, the crew followed the competition with a hearty lunch at Doc Morgan’s (thanks to Julia, Tara, and the rest of the Doc’s crew for putting up with us). This included inspiring words from our coaches, Colin Turnbull and Stacy Shannon, both of whom have led this mighty team of mostly Grade 6-7s since 2019.

This story is also about the parents though. This is what community has been for Colin and I (I’ve been the Team Manager for the same period). The parent support and passion for the sport has always been part of what has made this one of the best volunteer gigs going!

Thanks to Bowen Island Football Club for making the whole journey possible, and equipping these boys with so many skills - both on and off the pitch!