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Women competitors go mano-a-mano at Loggers Games

As a tattoo artist, Kelly Miller has to have a steady hand and a keen eye.
Loggers Games
Games organizer, and competitor, Gary Anderson watches as Kelly Miller lines up her shot. The novice axe-thrower won the overall title in the event.

As a tattoo artist, Kelly Miller has to have a steady hand and a keen eye.

Who knew those skills would help her win the overall title in the axe-throwing contest in the Loggers Show at Bowfest?

As the top point-earner among the women axe throwers, she beat the top man, Mark James, in the hotly contested event. (James, it should be noted, had out-thrown his two axe-wielding sons for the men’s title.)

While the men’s talents in the various competitions were impressive, it was the women competitors who helped make this a must-watch inaugural event.

Going mano-a-mano against some of the brawniest men on the island, the women took no prisoners as competed in the axe throwing, pole climbing, crosscut saw, chainsawing and chocker race events.

“It was awesome,” says organizer Gary Anderson of Metro Blasting, which sponsored the event. With less than a month to prepare everything — including the herculean job of embedding the poles for the pole-climbing event — Anderson also opened up his back yard so the lumberjacks and jills could axe throw like no one was watching in preparation for their Bowfest debut.

In one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-that-yesterday decisions, the Loggers Games were outside the ticketed area of Bowfest, which meant spectators didn’t have to pay to watch the games. Anderson has donated two large truckloads of firewood to Bowfest organizers who will auction it off to recoup some of the lost revenues.

Photos of the Loggers Show are here.

A video of the crosscut saw and axe-throwing competiton is here.

The results of the 2015 Loggers Games are as follows:


Women: Kelly Miller, Sonja Kristinssson, Courtnee Anderson

Men: Mark James, Gary Anderson, Robert Clayton

Overall winner: Kelly Miller


Pole Climb

Women: Alicia Hoppenrath, Nathalie Broderick, Katie Mainwaring

Men: Adrien Gratton, Calvin Hagge, Shane Tweten


Crosscut Saw

Women: Jill Kenny and Alicia Hoppenrath; Nathalie Broderick and Sheila Wade; Kelsey MacDonald and Kelly Miller

Men: Clayton and Eric Hunter-James; Robert Clayton and Dave Paulus; Gary Anderson and Todd Pearson

Jack and Jill: Kelly Miller and Calvin Hagge; Courtnee and Gary Anderson; Katie and Tony Mainwaring



Women: Katie Mainwaring. Sheila Wade

Men: Calvin Hagge, Scott Moore


Choker Race

Women: Joanna Quarry, Sheila Wade

Men: Shane Tweten, Jonny Bacon