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Are you prepared for a medical emergency?

A simple form may be a big help if you find yourself in need of emergency assistance
Emergency form
A preview of the form available to assist first responders in an emergency.

Our emergency responders on Island (both ambulance and fire) may one day end up in your living room responding to an emergency call. They’re trained to do an assessment but what if you’re not conscious, or have a reduced level of consciousness, or just confused…. or in too much pain to respond appropriately?

Quite possibly they will not have all the information they would like to have to support you in the situation. And if they have to transport you to Vancouver, there are logistical things they should know before leaving the house.

With this in mind, Caring Circle spoke to emergency responders and home care personnel to determine what information would help them in making an assessment and a safe intervention.

Having determined the information needed, Caring Circle then created a foldable sheet for you to fill out and place on your fridge. This one pager includes identifying information, care card number, doctor information, medical conditions, allergies, medications, DNR form location, family contact information, and a line for any other pertinent information.

Do you have hearing aids or glasses that need to be transported with you? Are there animals in the house that need attention when you are away? Are there pills that need to go with you? Do you have allergies?

What family or friends should the emergency personnel call if they have to transport you to the hospital? Is there someone else at home that needs to be taken care of or accompany you because they can’t be left at home alone?

You can go to the Caring Circle website here to print off your own copy of this form. Fold it in three so that the only information visible to casual visitors is your identifying information. You can also pick up these forms at the Pharmacy, The Wellness Centre, Integrated Health and Dr. Schloegl’s office.